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✨STIMY 33: We're Back!

Published 6 months ago • 1 min read

So This Is My Why | Issue 33

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Hey STIMYers,

First off, it's been over a year since I last issued a STIMY newsletter. Whoops.

ICYMI, lots of things have changed, e.g.:

  • I left law;
  • Incorporated STIMY as a company, which helps C-suite executives, founders and VCs build their personal brands on LinkedIn;
  • Started interviewing STIMY guests in person;
  • Just returned from an epic 1.5 week trip in Singapore (which included hosting the 5th STIMY Hangout!);
  • Launched my first mini solo STIMY episode - it's an experiment to see whether you'd like to hear updates directly from myself when it comes to running STIMY (+ conversations that don't make it onto the podcast itself): Spotify, Apple Podcast
  • Will be doing a series of in-person STIMY interviews in Singapore later this year!

This week will be an exciting one, as I'll be doing 2 in-person interviews again.

And if you're based in Southeast Asia, you might recognise them:

1) Prestine Davekhaw - Founder of MalaysianPAYGAP & Disappearing Jobs

A year ago, MPG took Instagram by storm. Because people were openly disclosing their salary, bonuses, insights on how they landed those roles and how others could do the same.

And as you can imagine, everyone wants to know what the other person is earning. 😅

But what is it like to be the person behind the viral MPG platform? Why did Prestine worth for months, unemployed, just to push MPG forward?!

More info here.

2) Dominic Puthucheary

Also a year ago, my first LinkedIn post went viral with the opening line of "Malaysia is a mediocre country" (read here).

It was a post highlighting a conversation I'd had with Dominic - family friend of Lee Kuan Yew & founding member of the PAP who was later tossed into jail and banished from Singapore. He was released only after signing a pledge where he promised to never to return to politics.

It's one thing to learn about history from textbooks, and quite another to speak to someone who lived it. Especially someone who was at the heart of many controversial nation building events!

I couldn't be more thrilled to feature him on STIMY.

More info here.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions for either of the two upcoming STIMY guests by emailing by end of today!

Ling Yah

P/S: Here's to hoping that I'm more consistent with this newsletter too. 😳

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